joseph   harrison   snyder

a r t i s t


the subject of this portfolio is the district of columbia as i know it.  most of the paintings that you see here are watercolor on paper.  i begin with a pencil drawing in a tightly laid out perspective to put the viewer into the city.  when the painting is finished i often put  my initials at the vanishing point of the perspective whether it is nailed to a tree or appears on a parking sign.  often i paint a small  narrative into the street scenes the same way one passes through narratives all the time while walking the streets.  for instance, chairman mao is standing in chinatown with a fou dog leading the people into CVS while two guys are throwing away their little red books;  one of the red books is the vanishing point of the perspective, with my initials on it.  or at kramer books on connecticut avenue, everyone on the street is talking on a cell phone except gandhi who is from the bronze gandhi around the corner on mass ave, freed from his pedestal.   or at woodley park where the crowd looking up at marilyn includes jfk, joe di maggio and arthur miller.  there are more, have a look.